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1. Initial Consultation

If you like what you have read and have seen in my website design portfolio, the next step is to make contact with Noosa Websites via my website design quotation form. From there we can finalise a firm quote for your new website based on the features you wish to include.

2. Project Overview

Once I have an understanding of what you require of your site, I will advise you on the best approach to achieve your goals in a search engine friendly manner and one that will meet your budget. I recognise or create your corporate identity and develop ideas to complement this, or take it to the next level with your websites design.

At this stage, once the quote has been accepted, I require a 50% deposit for the project.

To keep your website costs to a minimal and at the price you have been quoted, I suggest that it is now that you read and understand what may constitute as additional charges.

3. Mock Design

Once you and Noosa Websites both have clear understanding as to what is required of each party, a mock design is created and emailed to you for feedback.

4. Design Signoff

At this point, the mock design is open for alterations and changes until it meets your approval. It is vital to get the design correct in this step as changes to the design further down the design process may incur a fee (see additional charges).

5. Content

Once the design is approved and signed off on, it is then transformed into a HTML document (website) and is uploaded to the Noosa Websites Development server which you can check in and view throughout the entire design process whenever you like (eg: The content of the site is added to produce the finishing result.

All website content is to be supplied by the clients and all text given in an editable electronic file format (PDF, Word, Pages, Notes, etc..).

I strongly advise using a web standards compliant browser when viewing the site while in the development stage. The best 3 browsers of choice to use are Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Please do not use Internet Explorer. The final site will be compatible with Internet Explorer 7+, but during the design stage, some page rendering issues may occur.

6. Online Proofing

One all the content is loaded to your testing server, you will have full access to the site for final design and content alterations. If there are alterations to occur, see the step above and repeat. Noosa Websites allows for up to 3-5 sets of the “making changes loop” and any additional changes will attract additional charges.

7. Testing

Once the entire website’s content and design has been finalised, the site is then tested for cross-browser compatibility (fix rendering issues in some browsers – usually Internet Explorer), forms, shopping carts (if applicable) and other features which require testing.

Once again, you will have the opportunity to voice any concerns, changes and alterations required that will then deem the site complete.

8. Final Signoff

It is at this point that you are required to make your final payment for the project before it is uploaded to your live hosting space.

9. Site Goes Live

Once the testing is complete, the site is made live. “Live” means to have your website visible under your domain. e.g.: rather than have your site under my development URL ( your site will now appear at

Project is complete once final payment has been received and the site is live.

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